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  •   Liz and her team has been our family realtor for several years. We have used her to buy our own home and a couple of rentals. As an investor, I'm always on a look out for a good deal and she always responds fast. Her team makes sales happen smoothly. She's been doing this for a while and have surrounded herself with great people and network.

    thumb Roslyn A.

      Wow, what can I say?? My husband and I are officially first time home owners as of last week! We wouldn't have arrived here without the skill, professionalism, and expertise of the Elizabeth Do Team. We found out about them through Yelp and within 5 minutes (maybe it was sooner!), I got a call from a member of her team: Suong Vu. We set up an appt and it was a perfect match! My husband and I loved her from the get go. She is always on top of it, looking and planning ahead. Seeing homes is fun with her!  I really felt she had our best interests at heart and looked out for us every step of the way. As we previously experienced, escrow can be such a tedious process and you can easily become overwhelmed. That experience was a stark contrast to Suong who advocated for us, was always calm and positive, always keeping us informed and updated (she is seriously on it!), and finally, just felt like a close friend at the end of the day. 🙂 We never felt lost in the process and we always felt we could comfortably ask her questions if we were unsure of something or needed clarification. She helped us find our first home which we totally love! We wouldn't have found it without her and the Elizabeth Do Team. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Suong!!! 🙂

    thumb Jessica E.
  •   This 5-star rating is for Maria Galindo (and is long overdue!). She helped me and my wife (then fiancee) find our first rental home together last year and is continuing to help us with searching for our first home to purchase.

    There's so much that can be said about Maria and the Elizabeth Do team. For starters, Maria is a genuine and caring person who really has our best interest in mind. This is apparent when she sits down to talk with you (even from the first phone call) and diligently listens and takes notes to ensure she has a firm understanding of exactly what it is her clients are looking for. Even when I made a mistake by passing up on a home that my then fiancee wanted (life tip: the wife is always right), she helped me get back in touch with the landlord and was able to seal the deal on short notice.

    Even after all was said and done and we were moved in, Maria consistently checked up with me to make sure everything was going well and invited us to several client appreciation events (which I unfortunately have yet been able to attend due to my schedule). She's very personable and sweet and we are very appreciative of her time and advice.

    She takes the time to respond to all of my questions and requests thoroughly and promptly, no matter how nit-picky I am (a result of my OCD from 14 years in the service and over analyzing things from being an engineer). I know that I can be difficult to deal with but Maria has made the rental process and home searching process very pleasant.

    I would argue it would be hard to do any better then Maria and the Elizabeth Do team! Thanks Maria!!

    thumb Joshua P.

      This team is so great and supportive. They've done everything to help me find my first home and fa in love. I love how Elizabeth Do and Vi Mai have been extremely supportive and helpful during my first home purchase. They have been informative and thorough. Vi has always been there on call to answer all of my questions and she does her homework. She listens to everything I want in a home and gives me realistic views and is there every step of the way. Thank you for being the best agent for us and helping us find our first home!! You're the best Vi!!

    thumb Chloe C.
  •   If you need a realtor, then Kamal from the Elizabeth Do Team is the guy to call. This guy works all day err' day and will probably fight the other agent to the death to get you some sick deals.

    Just kidding about that last part.
    But not really.

    Seriously, this guy should set the standard for realtors world-wide. He is wholesome and honest about the whole process of buying a home. He won't lie to you and will not hesitate to let you know when he thinks a deal might be too overpriced or go sour. He won't screw around / waste your time trying to inflate prices over a couple of hundred dollars of commission money.

    He is also an awesome negotiator. I bought a home with this guy, and this guy was able to knock off $10K from my original offer. IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY (which was during a "seller's market", FYI).

    This was my first home buying experience, and though it was stressful, having Kamal and the rest of the Elizabeth Do Team (shout outs to the awesome people working behind the scenes to make escrow very streamlined) carry me to the finish line was the best I could ask for.

    thumb Myung-C P.

      Liz and her wonderful team helped me find a home in Anaheim and we just closed escrow. Yeah!!! They are the team to go to if you need to find a home.  I have worked with them for several years and they never let me down. This isn't the first and also won't be the last home they find for me.  Thank you all so much for tolerating me all these years and Yvette, you are amazing!!

    thumb Lin L.
  •   I had been thinking of purchasing a home in Orange County for the past few years, and I finally decided to start looking. I am so glad I came across Elizabeth Do and her team.

    For the last few months I have been working with Suong, and she definitely goes above and beyond. Not only is she friendly and professional, but she has been very patient with me through the whole process of finding what I'm looking for.

    For anyone looking to find a home, I definitely recommend to work with Suong. She's listens to what you want, as a caring friend, not a pushy salesperson.

    thumb Stephanie X.

      Maria is great!!!! My fiancé and I had been searching through every app there is trying to find a rental. It's a nightmare doing it on your own. Stress!!! Lots of stress finally we decided to contact a realtor to try and help us out. We got on yelp and found one we thought sounded legit!! And we hit the jackpot!!!! We went to look at homes on Sunday and  at the end of it we found the one we liked. So we applied and we got it!! We had spent days..weeks..MONTHS searching for a home to rent and Maria got us the one we loved in a coupe hours!! Thank you so much for all your awesome help!!!! We are extremely excited to move into this awesome house u found us!!!!!

    thumb Frankie O.
  •   Yvette and Maria went absolutely above and beyond for us.  They sent us a million potential homes to look through, and then they FaceTimed us through the top homes on our list.  We moved in to our home last week and couldn't be happier!  Yvette was so communicative throughout the entire process.  She even put our water bill in her name until we were back in the country and could do it ourselves!  A truly exceptional team.  Thank you for everything!

    thumb Jenna K.

      Lina at the Elizabeth Do Team is an excellent realtor! The entire company was very professional and helpful throughout the whole process. To begin with, they gave us a lot of information that was very helpful for first time home buyers. Lina was diligent in finding listings for us to view, but was never pushy. Once we found a place we loved, she did everything she could to make sure we got it. We were chosen by the sellers even though there were multiple offers! Overall, working with the the Elizabeth Do Team was a great experience!

    thumb Kristina G.



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